IB Publishing thanks all of the educators and students who generously opened their classroom doors and shared their learning for this resource.

The videos of classrooms in the Americas and Europe were produced, filmed and edited by Meridian Hill Pictures, an innovative production company dedicated to producing, teaching and sharing documentary films that inspire meaningful community participation and engagement. They produce documentaries both independently and in partnership, offering end-to-end production management, post-production services, implementation of strategic outreach and engagement campaigns, and design of customized media arts educational residencies.

  • Director: Brandon Kramer
  • Producer: Lance Kramer
  • Director of Photography & Editor: Ellie Walton


John Curran, Holly Atkins and Jørgen Mortenson filmed the classrooms in Renaissance College and Discovery College in Hong Kong.

Special thanks to Brent McDonough, Heather Lapper, Andrea Muller, Damian Rentoule and Lisa Cortes for their involvement in the content development process.

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