Inside IB Classrooms is an online library of video clips and related resources that are intended to support teaching practice and engage educators in professional inquiry and development.

This site includes three key components designed to support professional development:

1) Powerful video clips: Experience the teaching and learning process alongside a particular IB educator and their students.

2) Resources for context: View actual resources from the featured classrooms.

3) Questions for critical viewing: Consider these questions to jump-start your own professional inquiry and reflection.

No one approach to teaching is “perfect”, especially considering the variety of different contexts and circumstances from classroom to classroom. With that in mind, all examples on this site include both valuable takeaways as well as aspects that could be approached differently. They should not be viewed as models of perfect teaching, but rather as examples to critically consider.

No. Although the IB programmes form the basis for all the videos, they will be of use to any educator who wants to experience inquiry-based, internationally minded teaching approaches in action.

Most video clips are between 7 and 15 minutes in length.

All videos were filmed in schools in which English is the primary language of instruction, although some videos show Spanish language acquisition classes.

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The parents or legal guardians of all involved students provided written consent for them to be filmed.

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